Tips to Sell Your Home Fast!

Dated: November 29 2019

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Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

Selling is Stressful!

We all hear how stressful it is to buy a house, but what about the flip side of that coin, selling it? It’s not easy keeping your home in “visit-worthy” condition as a seller – but to keep it that way 24/7 and show it at a moment’s notice can take a toll. Double that stress load if you have to round up and evacuate a couple of toddlers and some four-legged family members. We’ve gathered Tips to Sell Your Home Fast.

There’s more to selling than just putting your home on the market. To sell a home quickly, it needs to show well, be marketed well, and priced correctly,” says Goran Forss, a broker at Allison James Estates & Homes in Temecula, CA. So, take a deep breath and read on.


1. De-clutter Like Your Sale Depends on It…Because it Does!

First of all, look around and evaluate your clutter. To sell your home fast, many experts advise sellers to get a storage unit when you are preparing to put your house on the market. Buyers are very interested in what type of storage their potential home is going to offer up. This curiosity involves opening your closets and checking inside your cabinets. Yes, those cabinets!

If your home storage is bulging at the seams, the buyer will consequently view the home as such. Space-challenged. So what should you put in storage? Things your family doesn’t go to every day. Seasonal clothing, strollers, sports equipment, holiday decorations, you get the idea. A rule of thumb: store one-third of your “stuff”.


2. Remove Personal Items

As potential buyers walk through your home, they want to picture their furniture, their walls, and their life. Having photos of your family, personal memorabilia, and artwork everywhere only serves to distract the buyer from the features and highlights of the home. Place personal items into storage so they will be ready to go when you do sell and move into your new home.


3. Re-arrange Your Furniture

Pull your furniture away from the walls and try to create areas in your living room that look like they’re meant for conversation, not for doing yoga. You want potential buyers to imagine themselves relaxing in your living area, rather tripping over footstools and bumping into extra chairs.

Keep it bright throughout the house. Replace bulbs with the fixture’s highest wattage allowed, keep curtains open when showing the house, and make sure your windows are spotless. Also, consider re-painting a drab room with a light and neutral color.


4. Invest in a Professional Home Stager

Hire a reputable professional to stage and take pictures of your home. Studies show that homes with more than six listing photos online are twice as likely to be viewed by potential buyers. Above all, a good home stager is going to see your home in a way you probably don’t. They will offer an impartial, fresh eye and will view your house from a buyer’s perspective. Let the buyer envision their family life unfolding in your home. Set your dining table with your best dishes and dress it with flowers. Just like how you slick back your Kindergartner’s hair on picture day, you’re going to want your home to look its very best for its listing photos. Great listing photos will help sell your home fast.

Tight budget? Check out these No-Cost Ideas to boost your home’s appeal and sell faster.


5. Sell Faster with Curb Appeal

It’s not just the inside of the home that counts. Many buyers will skip the interior if the exterior scares them off. For this reason, transforming your home’s exterior doesn’t have to break the bank. Some budget-friendly ideas to help sell your home fast:

1. Tidy up your front yard.
2. Refresh your mulch
3. Paint your front door
4. Landscape your front yard
5. Give your house a fresh coat of paint
6. Illuminate your walkways
7. Edge your lawn
8. Upgrade your old mailbox

Check out our article on curb appeal updates you can make for Under A $100

6. Hire the Right Real Estate Agent for the Sale

Don’t assume that just because your sister-in-law has her real estate license, that she’s the right person to sell your home fast. Look for local agents with proven track records that tell you they know how to sell, and in a timely manner. Go online and check their reviews from other clients. Does your agent know the ins and outs of your neighborhood? Do they know how to market their client’s properties effectively? Is the agent proactive? Furthermore, successful agents are promoting the sale before the house goes on the market, generating interest beforehand. As a result, this may translate to more offers for you, and maybe at higher than your asking price.

Selling your home, like buying, can become emotional. Therefore, maintain a frank and honest relationship with your agent so they know what you want. Above all, don’t waste time with an agent who may not be a fit for you.


7. Sell at the Right Time

National data shows that spring and summer are the best times to sell. People are shopping during this time for several reasons:

  • Families with children are more likely to move during the summer months to create the least disruption in the school year. For that reason, many buyers will begin their search in the spring.
  • Due to milder weather, buyers are more willing to head outside and explore
  • Many people feel a lighter workload and easier schedule during summer months
  • A home’s curb appeal is at its peak during this time
  • Most open houses are shown on Saturday and Sunday, making Saturday the ideal day to list your home on the market

Every home is different, therefore, ask a trusted real estate agent their advice on where your home would benefit the most with a facelift.  Take an impartial look at your house as if you were a buyer. Finally, be realistic about your asking price. If there is a lot of competition in your neighborhood, we’re confident you can use these tips to sell your home fast.

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